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View “I Just Do What I Can” Herb Alpert Photo by Dewey Nicks

“I Just Do What I Can” >

On May 13, 2019, the Herb Alpert Foundation will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Herb Alpert Award in the Arts (HAAIA) in New York City. Founded and conceived by musician, record producer, sculptor, and artist Herb Alpert and his Grammy-winning vocalist wife, Lani Hall, in conjunction with the California Institute of the Arts, the HAAIA has been…

View Fountain of Youth Herb Alpert Photo by Dewey Nicks

Fountain of Youth >

“There’s a certain number of people that get pleasure out of the music, so I’m going to be doing it as long as I’m able,” Alpert says. “I feel better when I’m doing it. People ask me after a concert, ‘Man, aren’t you tired? Doesn’t that knock you out at 84?’ And I say, ‘No,…