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The Herb Alpert Foundation Grants $200,000 To The Good People Fund In Support of US Programs that Promote and Focus on Compassion and Well Being

The Herb Alpert Foundation Grants $200,000 To The Good People Fund In Support of US Programs that Promote and Focus on Compassion and Well Being


This year, The Herb Alpert Foundation has granted them $200,000, to help some of the over 75 programs that the Good People Fund identifies and supports. The partnership with the Alpert Foundation is based on strategic grantmaking and philanthropy, supporting programs that find inventive ways to focus on issues related to well being throughout the United States. The Foundation is the vision of legendary musician, sculptor, painter, and philanthropist Herb Alpert and his wife, Grammy Award winner Lani Hall.

The grant is part of the Foundation’s key area of focus on compassion and well-being. “We recognize the important work The Good People Fund provides to support small non-profits that are working and struggling to advocate for change and building stronger communities,” explains Rona Sebastian, President of The Herb Alpert Foundation. Since 2009, the Foundation is responsible for supporting the work of grantees of the Good People Fund in the areas of hunger, homelessness, poverty, elder care, disability and more. To date, The Good People Fund has received just over one million dollars in funding support from the Herb Alpert Foundation.

“We are grateful for this continued partnership with the Herb Alpert Foundation which has enabled us to continue to identify and support organizations that bring about social change,” explained Naomi Eisenberger, The Good People Fund’s Founding Executive Director. “Together, we have been able to assist small organizations that span the U.S. from New York to California. Each of these efforts embrace a core mission dedicated to compassion and well being, celebrate the positive aspects of human psychology and encourage a more compassionate society.”

Founded in 2008, The Good People Fund, inspired by the Jewish concept of tikkun olam (repairing the world), responds to significant problems such as poverty, disability, trauma and social isolation, primarily in the United States and Israel. The GPF provides financial support and management guidance for small to medium grassroots efforts whose grant recipients are leading their non-profits with modest annual budgets and no professional development staff, but are driven and determined to make a difference in their communities. With its guiding philosophy that small actions can have huge impacts and its emphasis on the personal connection, the GPF has raised and granted more than $7 million dollars. Further information can be found at

For further information, contact news(at)goodpeoplefund(dot)org or 508-314-4304