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Herb Alpert & Lani Hall will perform a benefit concert in honor of P.S. ARTS on September the 10th at the Ann and Jerry Moss Theater at New Roads School in Santa Monica. >

In 1991, Dr. Paul Cummins, visionary educator, author, and founder of Crossroads School for the Arts & Sciences in Santa Monica, was on his way to the kitchen during a potluck dinner and literally bumped into a man that he had never met but looked quite familiar — famed musician Herb Alpert. They began a conversation, which has become P.S. ARTS folklore…

The Herb Alpert Foundation Grants $200,000 To The Good People Fund In Support of US Programs that Promote and Focus on Compassion and Well Being >

This year, The Herb Alpert Foundation has granted the Good People Fund $200,000 to help some of the over 75 programs that they identify and support. The partnership with the Alpert Foundation is based on strategic grantmaking and philanthropy, supporting programs that find inventive ways to focus on issues related to well being throughout the United States.